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It's been called a small business accelerator by some, and the "community support I always wanted" by others. We're the Business Builders Mastermind Community and the Ninja is our mascot. One of our in-house coaches, Holly Jean Jackson, explains in the video what makes this community so great. Watch the video now (sound on!) and see if the community is a good fit for you.


"I am so glad that I am involved in the BBT Ninjas community. Before Matt asked me to log in, I didn't know what I had been missing. Now I try to never miss the Office Hours chat. It's like having old friends who understand what it means to build a business."

Kari Rouse
Dahlias By The Bay


Are you burnt out on trying to have all the answers without a community to support you?

(and business, sales, and marketing experts to answer your questions)

We know the world is feeling the burden of isolation. Humans are built for connection. 

Between this pandemic and it’s financial impacts on biz owners, we know you have been hit even harder. 

It’s difficult enough to navigate this new world as a human. It’s even more challenging as a business owner and entrepreneur.

We are looking for biz ninjas, just like YOU, who want to get in from DAY ONE!

Help us build the Business Builder Ninja Membership.

Become a Founder

What’s in it for You as a Founder?

  • Founder status for life (i.e. super ninja status)
  • Lock in your monthly subscription for life (we will never increase founder pricing, ever)
  • Live Mastermind Group with Matt, Scott, and Holly weekly
  • Get answers to your burning biz questions
  • Build the values, mission, and details behind it all...with us.
  • Get even bigger discounts when you bring new members in (we want the cool kids to be part of the club)

How to Sign Up:

Click below and start your free trial. After your trial, if you love the support and community, you can pay the small monthly membership investment and keep growing your business with other Founders like yourself. There is a monthly payment... locked in at your special founder price for life. Because if there is no investment on your part, we can't keep the lights on, support you with our time, and bring you amazing resources to grow your business and level up your life.

Meet The Experts

You mastermind community experts who you can chat with live every week during our Office Hours video calls.

D. Scott Smith, MBA

Business operations, networking and mastermind group expert, D. Scott Smith, is also our resident expert on Amazon Author Funnels. He is the author of the book, Motivational Listener, and is the moderator and referee of the Business Builder Throwdown, co-host of the Global Tea Break, and The Experience.

Holly Jean Jackson

Holistic Business Coach, Holly Jean Jackson was named one of the top female business coaches by Yahoo Finance, is the co-host of the Business Builder Throwdown, host of the Inspiration Contagion podcast, and author of the upcoming book, Inspiration Contagion.

Matt Rouse

Agency Owner, Matt Rouse, has experience making millions of dollars for hundreds of businesses of all kinds, from Mom & Pop shops to Nike & Intel. He is the co-host of the Business Builder Throwdown, host of the Digital Marketing Masters Podcast, and the author of Crush SEO, Start Saying Yes, and Flattening the Hamster Wheel. 

What Is The Investment?

What are your time and sanity really worth?

The retail value would cost you at least $1500 a month as you have access to three marketing, strategy, and biz technology pros. Plus access to courses previously sold for hundreds of dollars.

But we are giving it to our founders for only $67!

Will you be one of them?


Have Questions?

Please email Coach Holly Jean Jackson an email with any questions at [email protected].

Membership Options

Let's take a look at what you get as a Founder.

No Community



Keep going it alone.

High chance of failure.







Monthly after 21 DAY FREE TRIAL


Mastermind Community

Weekly Office Hours LIVE CHAT with Business Growth Experts

Help Shape The Community

Access to Courses like Inbox Mastery & Podcast Mastery

Peer Support - People To Talk To Who Understand Your Struggles

Video Chat Private Group for Members Only (Not a FB Group!)

Referral Opportunities





Mastermind Community

Weekly Office Hours LIVE Meeting with Business Growth Experts

Access to Courses like Inbox Mastery & Podcast Mastery

Peer Support - People To Talk To Who Understand Your Struggles

Referral Opportunities

Starting April 1st, 2022


Isolation isn't just depressing, it's bad for you, and it's bad for your business.

It's time to join a business-minded community that understands what you're going through and can support you and your goals.

Experts, Office Hours, Peer Support, Courses, Challenges, Networking... to improve your BUSINESS and your LIFE.


Office Hours, Courses, Books, Advice, Mastermind Community

It's all here and it's different than anything you've seen before. It's not a course about how to sell courses or membership about setting up a membership. It's not some funnel-class or get-rich-quick scheme. REAL business growth advice that we've tested with clients in the real world.


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