Inbox Mastery

I've generated millions in sales for companies using Email Marketing...

My name is Matt Rouse and I want to teach you all the tricks of the trade.

Let me guide you through the simple steps it takes to choose the right email marketing software, build your list, send the right emails, and generate sales.

It's all in here. 

A step-by-step guide to getting you started from nothing to sending your first 3 marketing emails. Plus where to go from there including swap files where you can use our pre-written email templates for different types of brands from eCommerce to coaches, freelancers to service industry professionals.

Let me be your guide to doing email marketing right!

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Send Marketing Emails With Confidence

Covered in Inbox Mastery:

  • How to pick the right email marketing program and how to set it up.

  • More than 50 ways to build your list.

  • What to send and how often.

  • How to get your emails DELIVERED and dodge the SPAM BOX.

  • Start building a relationship with your audience.

  • Email templates you can make your own. Pre-written and ready to send!

  • The three emails every marketer should send.

  • List cleaning and maintenance, and advanced topics - if you need them!


Master The Inbox

Build a List | Grow a List | Generate Sales

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Inbox Mastery Course


Get the COMPLETE Inbox Mastery Course now at a savings of $151, and you get our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. 

Stop Just Sending Emails

Start Making Money


Three Email Marketing Secrets

I want to share with you the three email marketing secrets that the Internet isn't going to tell you.

I am your instructor, Matt Rouse, and I am the host of the Digital Marketing Masters podcast and one of the founders of Hook SEO Digital Marketing. I also wrote Crush SEO, Start Saying Yes, and Flattening the Hamster Wheel.

I made this webinar for hard working entrepreneurs like you, entitled, "How to Do Email Marketing When No One Wants Your Emails."


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With everyone working from home now, can you afford to miss the boat?

Get Subscribers... Even If You Have None

You can't send emails if there's no one on your list to send to! Learn all the professional tactics* to get subscribers that no one reveals.

*Most marketing agencies don't even know all these tactics!

Write Emails That Get Opened

Emails that get opened, and emails that get read. People reply to my marketing emails, when's the last time you replied to a company's email?


Sales Strategies That Crush the InBox

There's not much point in sending emails if it's not going to turn into revenue, sales, donations, or whatever your goal is.

Let's smash your goals!

Developed in Agencies, Tested with Live Workshops and Real Company Feedback

This isn't untested theory. This is real field-tested strategies that will turn you into an email hero. Whether you're a solo-preneur or working in email at a large corporation, we've got everything you need to revolutionize how your business uses email.

You Can Be The Email Marketing Hero The World Needs Now

Matt and Kari Rouse are on a mission to save your Inbox and Inboxes everywhere. 

The Internet is filled with junk content and spam email. 

It's time you joined us in creating interesting, beautiful, inspirational email marketing that helps create positive change in the world, and in your wallet.

Taught by Matt & Kari Rouse of Hook SEO Digital Marketing with over two decades of email marketing experience and having sent more than 100 Million marketing email.

We'll teach you:

  • How to become an inBox Master in 10 days.
  • Step by Step Lessons in plain English.
  • More than 10 Email Styles with copy-and-paste samples used successfully in real businesses.
  • Insider secrets on how to get email subscribers including new tactics invented in 2020!
  • Up to date with no B.S. and 100% coronavirus free!
  • How to keep your emails out of the spam box!
  • Video and written classes.
  • Advanced Strategies like win-back campaigns and email list cleaning  to get those old lists producing again!

Become a Master of the Inbox in less than 1 hour a day for 10 days! (or your own pace)

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"In just a few days, I was sending emails to potential clients and getting replies. The following week, I was getting signups on my list. I accomplished better results in the last two weeks than I did in the last two years."


We know 2020 has been hard for business owners and I want to help you turn things around, so I'm giving you my new email marketing course FOR ONLY $99!

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Inbox Mastery Course

$99 USD

It's time for a new start in 2021, and it's time to check "email marketing" off your to-do list! Get your New Year's Resolution completed early and crush your 2021 goals with the Inbox Mastery email marketing course. Get started for just $99! (A $151 savings) And with our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee, you can't go wrong. 

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Three Secrets of Email Marketing

I recorded a video breaking down the secrets that have allowed me to help companies literally make millions in sales from email marketing.

It's about time you stopped searching the Internet, reading hundreds of articles written by amateurs, and spinning your wheels.

Get started here on your journey to Master the Inbox!

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Complimentary! You can use this to start figuring out who your target market is and where they "live" online and offline.


Get Confident and Get Opened

Simple strategies that build trust with your audience, avoid the spam filter, connect with your prospects and drive action that turns into revenue.

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